9 Awesome Backyard Waterfalls Ideas

While the garden may already be your favorite place to relax and wind down after a stressful day at work, the simple addition of a waterfall can take these feelings of mindfulness and tranquility to a whole new level.

Water features are one of the most powerful elements you can add to an outdoor area as they have the ability to bring nature closer to those people confined at home.

9 Awesome Backyard Waterfalls Ideas

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at nine of the best and most innovative waterfall ideas that’ll provide your garden with that extra bit of tranquility and beauty. Read on to find out more!

1. Use An Existing Pond

The first idea on our list is to make the most of an existing waterscape and add a waterfall to it. So, if you already have a body of water in your backyard such as a pond, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

You can be as creative as you like with this idea as there are several ways to do it. For example, you could use pieces of wood, bricks, and even empty flower pots to create your very own unique waterfall design.

2. Make The Most Of Small Spaces And Corners

Most backyards have plenty of small spaces and corners that are perfect for adding an interesting feature like a waterfall. Even if your garden is on the small side and packed full of plants, there’s every chance that you’ll still be able to find a suitable corner to add a little waterfall.

Creating a base can be as simple as stacking up a few stones, and then all you need is to do is hook up a small pump to supply a steady stream of water from the top stone.

3. Try An Eco-Friendly Design

Everyone has some kind of junk lying around in their basement or garden shed. However, don’t be tempted to throw it away because almost anything can be put to good use for a future waterfall design.

Even if your junk has absolutely nothing to do with water, you can still build an effective, albeit unfunctional waterfall for your backyard. For example, old cooking utensils and gardening tools make excellent and durable structures.

4. Take Advantage Of A Pool

Similar to using a pond (see idea number 1), you can also take advantage of a pool if you already have one in your backyard. All you need to do is install a waterfall and direct it straight into your existing body of water.

9 Awesome Backyard Waterfalls Ideas

While this might seem incredibly simple, it’s worth taking into account the design and surroundings of your pool. This is because you’ll want to design a waterfall structure that fits into the style of your garden and doesn’t disrupt the aesthetics and harmony of the space.

5. Turn Your Steps Into A Waterfall

If you have some steps in your backyard, there’s the relatively straightforward possibility of transforming them into an elegant waterfall. This not only looks great, but it’s incredibly easy as you can use a wide range of objects such as pots, vases, and buckets.

One of the most effective ways to design a waterfall on your steps is to position a watering can slightly tilted on each step so that the water dripping from the top step safely makes its way down to the bottom.

6. Use Your Garden Fence

Lots of gardens are surrounded by plain-looking fences which aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing on the eye. However, these can quickly be transformed into a beautiful waterfall by simply adding some watering cans at various heights and angles to let the water flow seamlessly down the fence.

The best thing about this idea is the fact that you don’t even need a water pump for it to work. All you need to do is pour some water into the top can, and then sit back and relax. What’s more, you can also collect the water at the bottom of the fence to reuse later.

7. Combine Music With Water

If you have an old musical instrument like a piano or guitar that’s sitting in your garage, you can put it to good use and create an innovative waterfall design that’ll impress all your friends and family.

While not every instrument is suitable for a fancy exterior design, you can still find a clever way to turn them into a waterfall structure. For example, it’s relatively easy to install a water pump at the top of an old piano and surround the instrument with some evergreen plants to create a lovely garden feature.

8. Bamboo Waterfalls

Bamboo is traditionally linked to ‘zen’ and mindfulness, so it’s the perfect material for supporting a waterfall – especially if you have an East-themed garden already.

9 Awesome Backyard Waterfalls Ideas

Simply attach some bamboo poles together in a vertical wall and then place some poles horizontally to allow the water to flow from the top. Just keep in mind that it’s a good idea to use protective treatment on the poles so they don’t rot immediately.

9. Use Some Empty Bottles

Whether you’ve got a large collection of wine bottles or a variety of other glass bottles, you can put them to good use to create a unique and sophisticated bottle waterfall.

You might need to use professional tools to create some holes in the bottles, but the end result is completely worth it, as you can add plant pots, rocks, and metal objects to construct a truly beautiful garden waterfall.