10 Awesome Backyard Hammock Ideas

Is there anything that gives off more of a chill vibe than a backyard hammock?

There is nothing quite like floating and swaying in the cozy confines of a hammock, a book or summer drink in hand, catching some sunshine or cooling off in the shade.

10 Awesome Backyard Hammock Ideas

If your backyard looks like it is missing something, it is probably a hammock.

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Hammocks are easy to put up, add a nice relaxed feel to any backyard, and do not even have to be hung from anything anymore. That’s right – freestanding hammocks exist.

If you are in need of some backyard hammock inspiration, check out these 10 awesome backyard hammock ideas we have rounded up below!

1. Square-Shaped Backyard Hammock

If we were to go all-in on a backyard hammock, this is what it would look like. This square-shaped backyard hammock could not look more inviting, boasting wooden beams (four-poster bed, anyone?) above a simple garden bed.

This is easily a hammock for snuggling or cozying up with the kids. We also love the four rope setup, the small pond just close by, and the ample cushions. Cushions make everything better.

2. Backyard Hammock And A Teepee

Can’t decide between a backyard hammock and a teepee? Then get both in one! This hanging cocoon-slash-tent-slash-teepee is a unique backyard hammock that is sure to give your backyard a whole new outdoorsy feel.

What do we love about it? Aside from the design, this swinging tent is waterproof and big enough for two people. Kids will love it, and it is also the perfect backyard hammock for you if you like to stay in the shade!

3. Freestanding Hammocks

This is what we touched on earlier: freestanding hammocks! Essentially, a floating mattress that you can sway on. This backyard hammock features a nice wide design, ideal for spreading out and slumbering in the afternoon.

What really makes this backyard hammock stand out for us, though, is the warm fairy lights hanging from the tree branches above. Seriously, if this was in our backyard, we would be there every evening. A simple, but much-needed, addition!

4. Three Hanging Points

Three-way hammock, anyone? This backyard hammock needs just three hanging points. If you have three trees in your backyard that are near each other, all the better! Simply put, this is the perfect hammock setup for winding down with your friends.

In the middle of the hammocks, you could even install an outdoor table or fire pit to make this backyard setup the ultimate chill spot. Just be warned: your neighbors are sure to get jealous.

5. Three-Way Backyard Hammock

Here is a three-way backyard hammock that is a little different from the one we listed above. For one, the hammocks meet in the middle, and two, there is the welcome addition of a light canopy suspended above each hammock!

For shade lovers, this is an awesome backyard hammock idea that will not take long to build if you know a thing or two about DIY. Ultimately, you will just need three basic hammocks, four posts, and a canopy to tie between them. Nice and easy.

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6. Wide Hammock

We will never say no to a wide hammock, and this specific backyard hammock has got us inspired with its antique-looking freestanding design, feature cushions, and the bed of mixed pebbles it is sitting on.

If you have got anywhere to hang a hammock, this is what you need for your backyard. The best thing is that, just like in the picture, you can place it in a corner as an inviting backyard feature. Plus, if you like your hammocks “flat”, these wide hammocks are perfect.

7. Three-Beam DIY Structure

If you have a pool in your backyard, why not furnish it with a backyard hammock? Swaying and napping over the pool is definitely a vibe, and this backyard hammock has a simple three-beam DIY structure that might inspire you for summer.

Don’t have a pool in your backyard? You can easily replicate this awesome backyard hammock idea with a pond – or even a small water feature – that you can hang your hammock over. Can you imagine?

8. Treehouse Hammocks

Treehouse hammocks. We love this idea because there isn’t a better excuse to install a treehouse and a few backyard hammocks at the same time. If you have kids, this is definitely an awesome backyard hammock idea to think about!

First of all, the treehouse is an eye-catching garden feature that the kids will love. Second, the treehouse itself provides ample shade for getting out of the sun and enjoying a nap. So, if you have a single tree in your backyard, give this idea a go.

9. Family-Sized Hammock

A hanging trampoline swing that is also a family-sized hammock? We love it! This backyard hammock is similar to the teepee hammock we listed above but without any outer material. We don’t recommend jumping on it, though.

Ultimately, if you are looking for a circular hammock that you can fit a few people on, this is the kind to go for. While this hammock is suspended by a metal structure, you could easily replicate this idea using a tree.

10. Gazebo Hammock

A gazebo hammock. If you really want to separate your backyard from the rest, take this backyard hammock as inspiration! Of course, this might be the hardest hammock on this list to build and install, but you can’t deny that the end result is stunning.

We love this little chill spot perched at the end of the garden, surrounded by lush greenery. The tiled footpath leading to the hammock is unnecessary, to be honest, as we know exactly where we would want to go if this was our backyard.