11 Awesome Contemporary Backyard Ideas

Making the most of your home is really important to maximizing your quality of life, and more and more people are realizing just how important a well-maintained backyard is for this.

Having your outdoor space that looks amazing and has everything you need to relax and unwind adds a whole new dimension to your property and can not only increase the value of your home but bring a ton of joy and happiness to your life.

Many people neglect their backyards or leave them as a tired old lawn in the same old boring style. This often leads to many people failing to appreciate the opportunity a nice backyard can provide, both as a space to enjoy and entertain as well as a way to add value to your home.

15 Awesome Contemporary Backyard Ideas

The great thing about landscaping is that you can put your own stamp on your property, and often landscaping allows you to be much more creative and inventive than you would be when decorating the inside of your home.

This can give you a lot of freedom to experiment with ideas and styles that you love but which won’t work as an interior design concept, and take risks without worrying about how it will impact your interior.

Landscaping can be as bold or as understated as you like, but more and more people are incorporating amazing new ideas and designs into their yards which can have a hugely positive impact on everything in your life, from how you spend your time with your family to how you unwind after work.

In this guide, we’re going to look at some of the most exciting and beautiful ideas for contemporary backyard designs to give you some ideas and inspiration for what is possible and how to maximize your own space to take full advantage of the benefits it can offer.

But let’s take a look at some of the ideas themselves!

1. Wild Woodland

A well-manicured and maintained backyard can look amazing, however, this is a very common approach and a lot of people don’t have the time or inclination to spend hours ensuring that various plants and laws are well cared for and maintained.

Going for a wild woodland aesthetic can bring a ton of beauty to your yard, without requiring as close care and attention as more organized landscaping styles.

While some maintenance is required, a wild woodland aesthetic can transport you to a more tranquil and natural environment and can inspire a sense of the wondrous and fantastical which can be a lot of fun for both adults and children alike.

You can choose how far you go with this, but it’s a great concept that works well in varying spaces, however, it does favor more temperate climates in general.

2. Mid Century Modern

If striking lines and shapes are more to your taste, a midcentury modern approach may be something you should consider.

Exposed beams, clean lines, and symmetry is the goal here, and this can create a very clean and smooth appearance that works well in more modern homes or entertaining spaces where space is maximized and simplicity is key.

3. Ornate And Classical

Conversely, you could go for something much more ornate and classical, incorporating large fountains or water features and lush colorful flower beds to create a sense of the exotic and expensive.

Purple, in particular, is a color associated with nobility, but any flowers with rich color and sweet scent will work well and can be combined with statuettes and other classical features to create your own regal gardens in which to take tea or to picnic upon.

4. Transitions

A hallmark of contemporary backyard design is the idea of transitions, moving from paving to lawn into flower beds, all seamlessly arranged and organized to create a beautiful and natural flow that maximizes space and light, while still maintaining utility and access.

A good plan is required here, but incorporating transitions can help you make the most of your space and incorporate various different elements or requirements into one garden space.

5. Multi-Use Spaces

The backyard needs to be a practical space as well as a place of rest and relaxation, so incorporating multi-use spaces is key to maximizing your use and enjoyment of your yard.

Patios are a great practical way to make a multi-use space that can be used for dining, hosting, as well as storage, or other more practical requirements from cooking and barbequing to putting up a pool.

A big part of maximizing your yard and its value is being able to use it for multiple purposes, and incorporating such ideas into your plans will enable this.

6. Vegetable Patches

More and more people are becoming interested in reconnecting with our roots as gardeners and farmers, and as the price of food continues to rise more people are learning the benefits of producing at least some of their own food.

There is a hugely rewarding feeling associated with starting and maintaining a thriving vegetable patch, and while not all climates will support this, they are a real joy to create and help you provide fresh healthy food for yourself and your family at a very low cost. They can also look quite neat and attractive if managed properly.

7. Sheds And Shacks

The idea of the shed as a place to store old bikes and tools is long gone, and the modern shed can be anything from a nook in which to escape and relax to an entertaining place for creating drinks and hosting guests while enjoying your garden.

Sheds are versatile and easy to use so don’t rule them out if you’re interested in expanding the utility of your garden even further.

8. Privacy

Modern houses are often sandwiched together, making privacy ever harder to come by. You can build privacy into your garden in several discrete ways, however, from planting trees and bushes, to using trellises, bamboo fences, and pergola to create areas of shade or discretion as you need to.

9. Pools And Hot Tubs

If you really want to take your garden to the next level, adding a pool or hot tub (depending on your climate and needs) can be a great way to make your garden even more enjoyable.

15 Awesome Contemporary Backyard Ideas

These can be expensive and difficult to implement, but they are almost always worth it as they really add to your quality of life and can increase your property value significantly.

10. Finessed Fire Pits

There’s nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than sitting around a firepit with a beer or some marshmallows and telling stories with your family and friends, enjoying late summer nights and the beautiful ambiance and crackling fire brings.

A lot of contemporary designers are building unique and striking fire pits which are purpose-designed and heat efficient as well as safer to make enjoying a fire pit even more fun than it already is, making them easier to use and enjoy.

11. Dining Terraces

Outdoor dining doesn’t always have to be done over the barbeque, and creating a dining space where you can eat your dinner even if it was prepared inside is a lovely way to change up your dining experience and routine and can do wonders for your quality of life too!