Does A Patio Add Value To A Home?

Patios are a good choice for home improvement, not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also add value to your home as well. They are a very sought-after amenity for a majority of homes which makes them a very valuable amenity for many who may be trying to sell a home quickly as many people will be seeking out a patio.

On average the cost of building a patio can be nearly $7,000 depending on what size it is and what materials are used. That being said, it is estimated that patios can recover up to more than double the amount of the cost to build.

Does a patio add value to a home?

One of the better ways to gain on a patio installation is to repair an old patio rather than to install a whole new one. If you have an old patio that is a bit grubby and chipped, you are better off repairing that one which will often cost you only a quarter of what it would cost you to install a whole new one. At less than $1,500. So, your turn-over would be over 500% 

If you want to add even more value to your patio when selling a home, you could add outdoor lighting to your external living space with some furniture to really spruce it up. However, be wary, do not take up too much backyard space with your patio, as this is not what people want, many families covet large gardens, so have a nice patio area as well as enough space for kids and animals. 

Does a stamped concrete patio increase home value?

First of all, what is a stamped concrete patio? Well concrete can be stamped in order to create a look of high-end materials such as; stone, brick, or even wood. Stamped concrete is a great way to express creativity and design a more unique look that will add life to your garden space.

You can also even get stamped concrete with stains and dyed for that unique individuality. With stamped concrete the most popular shades are grays, and browns in varying colors, but you can achieve nearly any look you like because concrete is a very versatile material. 

Like normal patio materials, stamped concrete patios increase the overall value of your home a lot, as they are very sought-after. Obviously, if you have a very unique style and design for your patio then you may come across buyers who do not quite like the uniqueness, however, a unique garden space and outdoor lounging area is more likely to bring more people great interest in your property than otherwise. 

Patios will always bring great interest with them, and they will increase the overall value of your home, so long as you remember to leave some garden space around them, keeping enough garden space around will draw in potential buyers who have children and pets widening your target market for sale. 

Is a patio a good investment?

Patios, without a doubt, are a good investment. They are very sought after on the housing market and all demographics will want something relaxing and enjoyable that creates a flow through their living space from indoors to outdoors, with peaceful effortlessness. 

Outdoor spaces are typically an area in which people enjoy entertaining guests, or enjoy spending some relaxing time in the summer months with some food and drink and relaxation in the sun. For this reason patios are more and more popular, and getting a patio area can vastly increase the value of your property. 

This being said you should avoid making your whole garden a patio area as this can damage the value, as many families will want a nice mixture of patio and garden. Others will enjoy having a relaxing patio space and an area in which to plant some flowers or shrubs, or even vegetables.

By having a nice mixture of the two areas you increase your properties value as well as the market that you are selling too. You are more likely to make a sale if you have a wider range of people who will be interested in the property you are selling. 

If you add lighting, and maybe even a standing fire pit, or log burner, as well as perhaps some furniture you can increase the overall value even more. Making it look attractive and peaceful has a similar effect to that good old ‘freshly baked cookie’ smell at an open house. 

What adds more value to a home, a deck or a patio?

To figure which is the best bet for you, it is wise to look at the pros and cons of it all, the pros of buying a deck are that there is a higher resale value on decks, it will work well even if your backyard is primarily uneven terrain, they can also provide a good view if you live on high ground, and they are easily customizable, you can stain wood, paint is and so on.

However, there is more maintenance required, they also have a shorter lifespan, you might need a permit in some cases, and they can be rather expensive, averaging at $30 per square foot. 

Patios on the other hand are less expensive, they are easier to maintain, you get more privacy as they are not raised, and they have a much longer lifespan sometimes living longer than 25 years. However, they are not suitable for uneven terrain, they can be prone to cracks, they do have a slipping risk, especially in the cold and icy months, and they are more susceptible to staining. 

Generally both can add value to your home, however we have to say that patios are more likely to add extra value to do the lesser amount of maintenance and the lower cost, you are more likely to make money on a property sale with a patio than decking. Most people will prefer the minimal maintenance of patio and the privacy of patio over decking anyway. For us Patio is much more valuable.