10 Awesome Backyard Fence Painting Ideas

Many people use backyard fences for privacy and security, as they are relatively easy to erect, quite durable, and can be easily maintained.

While there are other ways to secure your yard, fencing, particularly wooden fencing, is one of the most popular options that homeowners use, and while chain link fences are common too, wooden fences allow you a lot of possibilities for additional uses, and also offer better privacy.

10 Awesome Backyard Fence Painting Ideas

A lot of people simply treat their fence and maybe paint it a bland brown and call it a job well done, but this is actually a huge missed opportunity. Fences take up a lot of space and totally surround your yard, and making this something boring and bland can really take away from the joy and ambiance of your yard space.

One of the best solutions to this issue is to paint your fence, but not only a different color! There are tons of interesting and creative designs you can paint onto your fence, whether it be something to entertain the children or something a little more sophisticated and fitting with the theme of your space.

In this guide we’re going to look at 10 of the coolest ideas for painting your fence to give you a ton of inspiration and help you truly make your garden your own, adding a ton of character and life to your space, and multiplying its appeal and ambiance.

Treating Your Fence

Before we start, however, it’s worth reminding you that while you should definitely get creative when painting your fence, it’s still important to treat the wood properly before you paint, to ensure the wood itself lasts as long as possible and can stand up to the elements, but also so your paint takes to the wood properly.

Fence Size And Shape

Another thing to note is that fences can come in all shapes and sizes, from picket fences to smaller wooden fences all the way up to very tall fences. When planning your designs consider the shape and size of your fence and whether or not you have the space to execute your plans, and what may work best on the canvas you have available to work with.

Painting Ideas

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s look at 10 of the most fun and creative ideas for fence painting!

1. Multi-Colored Fence Posts

The first and most obvious option to go for is a multi-colored fence design, either following a rainbow theme or going wild and alternating colors at random to create a frenetic but eye-catching effect that will add a ton of life and color to your yard.

While this may not suit everyone, for people who love color this is a great option, however, be prepared to spend a lot more on paint than some other ideas, depending on the number of colors you go for.

2. Flowers And Butterflies

Whether you’re a green thumb or not, you can get a bit more flora into your garden by painting some if you struggle with plants or don’t have the time and money to invest in landscaping.

While painted flowers and butterflies aren’t quite as beautiful as the real thing, they can add a lot of life to your garden and really bring the space a feeling or color and movement, which a lot of bland fences totally kill.

You can choose various different species to suit your preferences too, and this will work with fences of almost all shapes and sizes so it’s a great choice for anyone.

3. Leaf Stencils

If you are someone who loves trees, or already has a very lush garden, you can help your fence blend in more seamlessly to your vegetation by stenciling leaves and natural shapes onto your fence to help it blend in.

Even in a less lush garden, stenciling natural shapes and leaves onto your fence can have a similar effect to painting on flowers and insects, and help the garden feel more relaxing and enjoyable without the care and attention real-life plants need.

4. Under The Sea Scene

Under the sea, under the sea
Darling, it’s better
Down where it’s wetter
Take it from me! – Sebastian

Ok, we couldn’t resist referencing Ariel here, but if you’re a fan of seascapes and the unique creatures and plant life that live in the sea or the lake, an underwater paint job could be a great way to bring your fence to life. This idea is great fun, unique, and adds a lot of unique color and movement to your garden.

5. Vivid And Striking

If you’re after something a little more striking and mature, going for some solid vivid colors and alternating them between panels or sections of fence is a great way to complement your existing garden theme or start cultivating one.

10 Awesome Backyard Fence Painting Ideas

This is also a good option if you don’t want to spend a lot on different paints or skilled artists to paint specific shapes and designs onto your fence.

6. Cartoon Characters

If you, or your children, have a favorite cartoon, paying homage to it with your garden fence can be a lot of fun and add a lot of personality to your garden. Whether it be a cast of favorite Disney characters, the Rugrats, or even the Simpsons, a large fence is a great canvas to show your love for these favorites.

7. Chalkboard Fences

If you want something a little more interactive, a chalkboard fence is a great option for children and can be a great place for them to draw and play without needing to worry about making a mess indoors.

8. Favorite Quotes

Again, if you’re looking for something a little more grown-up, getting a favorite quote stenciled or painted onto your fence can help remind you of something you love, or of an important mantra or message to be reminded of while trying to relax and enjoy your garden.

9. Beach And Horizon

If you’re someone who loves the beach, consider bringing the beach to you with a tropical backdrop to make your garden feel a little closer to paradise!

You can paint a sandy beach complete with shells and sandcastles, a beautiful sunset or whatever else you love about the beach!

10. Birds And Animals

Another fun option that can bring movement and life to your garden is to paint birds, animals, and other creatures on your fence. Humans have been painting creatures on their homes since the dawn of time, and there’s no reason why you can’t reclaim this ancient and sacred tradition in your own garden!