How Do I Keep Birds Out of My Vegetable Garden?

If you have started your own vegetable garden, you might have noticed that the birds are coming down and eating from it, ruining all of your hard work. So, how do you keep birds out of your vegetable garden?

Some gardeners will plant flowers and certain shrubs with the intention of bringing birds into their gardens, but this is not for everyone. While birds do add some color and a nice natural element to your garden, they can also be responsible for eating your vegetables, which is something that you want to avoid.

If you are looking to find out more about how you can keep birds out of your vegetable garden, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to tell you exactly how you can do so with ease.

How Do I Keep Birds Out of My Vegetable Garden?

There are lots of different successful methods of keeping birds out of your vegetable garden, and we are going to share some with you below, so you can find out more.

Move Your Deterrents

Birds are actually more clever than we give them credit for. For example, if you have a scarecrow in your vegetable garden that has been in the same place for a very long time, it won’t take long for the birds to realize that it doesn’t actually pose a threat to them.

So, it might work for a while, but they will be back in your garden before long.

If you want to keep the birds second-guessing their safety, you will need to keep moving your scarecrow around at least once a week. It can also help to change the clothes on the scarecrow, as this will tell the birds that it is not a stationary defense tactic, but an active threat.

Anything that you are using to scare away the birds should be moved around the garden from time to time.

Garden Netting

You can also choose to create barriers in your garden using garden netting, and this is one of the most effective ways to deter birds from destroying your garden.

Butterfly netting can help to protect the crops from birds, while still allowing beneficial insects, like butterflies and bees, to access your crops for pollination.

To avoid injury to the birds and other wildlife, make sure that your netting is pulled taut, and use a type of netting the holes that are smaller than 1 cm. You should also be using a high-quality UV-resistant netting. These can be more costly, but they will last longer.

The Use of Plastic Predators

You can also keep the birds at bay by getting some plastic predators for your garden, like plastic owls, falcons, or other birds of prey. These can help to deter birds from your garden, but they will need to be relocated weekly to keep the threat to the birds active. Otherwise, they will realize that they are not in any danger.

You can also get decoys that move and make sounds, which are even more effective at deterring birds.

Garden Fleece

Garden fleece is something else that is often used to protect crops from birds, and it is something that can be used all year round. You can simply drape the fine white material over your vegetables to keep the birds from harvesting your greens before they are ready.

To stop it from being blown away by the wind, you will need to weigh down the sides with rocks or pegs and roll back the fleece when it comes time to harvest.


Scarecrows can make a great addition to any garden that needs to keep the birds at bay, but they will need to be moved often and adjusted so that the birds do not realize that they don’t pose a threat.

If you are making your own scarecrow, you should ensure that it is lightweight and easy to move, which will make it easier to move around when you need to. You should also change the scarecrow’s outfit and accessories from time to time to keep its changing appearance more believable.

Wind Chimes

Any objects that have the ability to make sudden sounds or movements, just like wind chimes, can be really good at deterring birds from your garden.

If you are going to use a wind chime, you will need to make sure that you put it directly in your garden and near to your vegetables. Any wind chime will work as a sound deterrent, but those that are made out of metal or other reflective materials will be even more effective.

Reflective Items

Reflective items, like old CDs or items that are made from mirrors, are things that make great bird deterrents. This is because birds do not like things like sudden movement, and they are just as scared of flashing lights.

You can hang some old CDs from trees and bushes, and as they move in the wind, they will reflect light in multiple directions, keeping the birds away. If you are keeping your reflective items in a stationary location, you will need to move them around often.

Do Onions Deter Birds?

No, onions do not deter birds. In fact, birds have been known to pick at onion sets when you have first planted them. If you happen to be planting onions regardless, the best way to stop the birds from getting at them is to start off the sets in modules.

Once the sets have developed sturdy shoots and good roots, the birds tend to leave them alone, so you should keep them covered until this point.

Do Spinners Scare Birds?

Yes, any sudden movement will scare birds into flight, which is the main reason why many people choose to put spinners in their garden. Sturdy garden spinners look great in any garden, and they will also keep the birds at bay.

Again, make sure you change up their location every now and then, or the birds will find a way to work around them.