How To Hook Up A Pool Pump

Have you just purchased a pool pump and have no idea how to hook it up?

Maybe your pool filter came with a jazzy new pump, and you have no idea how to connect it or what to do with it?

Or perhaps you are looking at installing a pool and want to know all the work involved? Whatever your reason might be, we have the answer for you!

How to hook up a pool pump

We know how stressful it can be to clean and maintain a pool. It can be hard to install the right equipment that will keep your pool water clean and safe for your family and friends to use.

Often the thought of an unsafe pool or dodgy installation leaves many of us uneasy and unsure of what to do. 

Well, no more! Today we are here to put your worries at ease. Keep reading to see how to hook up a pool pump and get your filter connected to your pool. 

How To Hook Up A Pool Pump

Let’s get straight into it! When it comes to hooking up your pool pump, there will be different methods depending on the pump and filter you have purchased.

Your first port of call should be to check the instruction manual that came with your pump.

Often these will have detailed instructions or step-by-step guides that you can follow to install your pool pump successfully. 

There might also be different instructions depending on the type of pool that you have.

Today we are looking at hooking pool pumps for above-ground pools. If you don’t have an above-ground pool, be sure to look at your filter and pump instructions, or enlist the help of a professional if you aren’t sure! 

You can use the following steps and materials list to hook up a pool pump to the pool and filter!

What You Need

  1. Hose clamps
  2. Flex hose
  3. Shovel 
  4. Screwdriver
  5. Patio pavers 
  6. Level 
  7. Sand or cartridge (for your filter) 
  8. Measuring tape 
  9. Water pump pliers
  10. Your filter and pump

Once you have those items on the list, you can use our steps below to hook up your pool pump and filter. 

How to hook up a pool pump

1. Measure And Prep The Area 

Before beginning, measure the area you need for the pump and filter to sit on. Ideally, this area should be within a few feet of the skimmer and the pool.

Once the area is measured, dig down (roughly the length of a patio block) and ensure that the ground is level. 

Next, place a patio block in the hole and the pump and filter on the block. If you struggle with the digging or any of these steps, be sure to ask for help. Those with more tricky gardens might benefit from professional help here. 

2. Connect The Skimmer 

Grab your hose clamps and place them on both ends of the hoses, leaving them loose. Once done, connect one end of the hose to the skimmer.

Use the wall at the bottom of the skimmer basket to do this. 

Be sure to screw the clamp tight before hooking the other end of the hose to the front of the pump. Tighten the screw to ensure that the connection is secure. 

3. Connect The Return Hose 

Next, take your hose clamps and place them on both ends of another section of the hose. You will want to hook one end up to the return fitting on the pool wall, tightening the clamp as you do. 

Take the other end of the hose and connect it to the return on the filter; this is usually on the top of the filter but can vary depending on the model you have. Before finishing, tighten the clamp. 

4. Connect The Filter Discharge

Now, this step is not for everyone! Some filters will have a connection between the filter and the pump that needs to be tightened with large water pump pliers.

If yours does not, then you will need another hose with clamps on each end. You can hook one end to the fitting at the top of the pump and the other end to the filter.

Usually, the fitting you want will have a “pump in” marked on it. Make the connection and tighten both clamps.

If you don’t need to use this extra hose, get your water pump pliers and tighten the joint already in place. 

5. Fill Your Filter 

We are almost at the end! To finish, fill your filter with sand or place the cartridge in. which one you use will depend on the filter you have chosen (there are plenty of options on the market if you haven’t yet found one). 

Next, prime the pump ready to be filled with water. Once it is primed, plug the pump in, and you should notice it filtering water straightaway.

This water will be carried to the filter we have installed, hooking it up to your pool. 

If there are any leaks, be sure to tighten your hoses. Usually, this will resolve the issue; if it does not, it's worth turning the system off and looking carefully at the connections you have made or if there are any holes in the hoses. 

And that is your pool pump hooked up to your pool and filter!

Now that it's running correctly, water will pass through the pump to your filter, which filters back clean water to your pool. In no time, your pool is sure to be clean and enjoyable to use! 

Remember, if you do encounter any trouble along the way to contact a professional! We strongly recommend having an electrician hook up the electric connection for the pump to ensure your safety at all times. 

They are more than happy to help and make the installation process smoother, but be mindful that there will be an added cost.

Consider your budget before reaching out for professional help. 

Final Word

And just like that, we have come to the end of our pool pump journey today!

As you can see, hooking up your pool pump isn’t too difficult and can be done in no time! Remember to check your pool pump for any specific instructions, and be sure to follow those closely for the best results!  

When hooking up a pool pump, it's best to set your filter up, too, and that is why we included those steps for you.

Take your time, and be sure to ask for any help you need along the way to ensure that your pump works correctly and helps keep your pool clean!