How Do I Protect My Rattan Furniture Outside?

With the warmer weather fast approaching, having a beautiful and comfortable garden space is at the top of our priority lists, with garden furniture on our minds. And rattan furniture has become increasingly popular. It’s stylish, comfortable, and usually can be bought at a reasonable price. 

These factors mean that many of us across the country have a rattan couch, table, or chairs sitting in our garden. But as anyone who has bought furniture before will tell you, it can get damaged. S

How do I protect my rattan furniture outside

urprise rain, wind, blistering heat, bugs, spillages all contribute to the wear and tear of your rattan furniture, and before long, it can look old, ratty, or even be damaged! Not what you want after parting with your cash! 

Luckily for you, we are here today to help! We have the best ways you can protect your rattan garden furniture, ensuring its longevity and leaving you with a garden you can be proud of!

How do I protect my rattan furniture outside?

Covering your rattan furniture is the best way to protect it outside. Pre-made or custom-fit covers will protect your furniture from rain, wind, or other abrasive weather conditions.

These covers will sometimes come with your furniture or an added cost you should factor in when purchasing your rattan garden furniture.

Ideally, the covers should cover the entire length of your furniture and all of the legs to ensure that no rainwater or snow can access the furniture, protecting it at all times.

You could also consider having a retractable awning installed that can be extended over the furniture on rainy days to protect your furniture. Be sure to weigh up the costs beforehand to ensure you can afford this work.

There are other affordable options to protect your furniture, such as painting or varnishing the furniture with weatherproofing paint, using tung oil, and regularly cleaning the furniture to stop any dust and dirt build-up causing problems. 

When using any of these methods, be sure that all the products or cleaning solutions are suitable for the rattan furniture to avoid causing any damage; after all, the goal here is to protect the furniture! 

You can also move the furniture indoors during adverse weather or the winter months to offer further protection if you have the space to do so.

Be sure that the furniture is dry when brought inside to avoid any dampness, which can impact the structure and safety of your furniture. 

How do you maintain rattan garden furniture?

When it comes to maintaining your rattan garden furniture, it’s best to store it indoors during the offseason to protect it and ensure its longevity.

Once the summer or your warm-weather season is drawing to a close, move the furniture indoors if possible. A storage shed or garage will protect your furniture and ensure that it comes to the warmer weather; it is still safe to use.

As the weather changes, frost, rain, and snow can fall, all of which pose a threat to your furniture. It can impact the structural integrity, making it unsafe to use and effectively wasting your money. 

If it is not possible to store the furniture indoors, covers will also provide a level of protection. These tarps or other materials can cover the entire furniture, often tieing to secure them in place and protect them from the wind, rain, and other elements. Be careful with these, as they aren’t the most durable but are sure to provide some protection and maintain your furniture.

Regular cleaning and waterproofing your rattan garden furniture is another way to maintain it and ensure its longevity. You can read more about weatherproofing your furniture below!

How do you weatherproof rattan furniture?

There are a few ways that you can weatherproof your rattan furniture to ensure its longevity! The first is to paint the furniture before placing it outside.

There is a range of paints you can choose from, but we recommend weatherproof paint formulated with outdoor furniture in mind! Opt for one that is suitable for rattan furniture so that you don’t cause any damage to your furniture. 

Paint the entire surface area of your furniture and ensure that it is fully dry before placing outside.

You can also add two coats of marine varnish once the paint is dry to make your furniture waterproof and protect it outdoors. You can reapply the varnish every 2-3 years to maintain the weather-proofed furniture. 

If you don’t want to change the color of your furniture, you can just use the varnish instead. 2-3 coats will ensure that your rattan furniture is protected from the weather. 

Oil is another way you can weatherproof your rattan furniture. Tung oil applied will make the furniture water-resistant and keep out the dampness too.

Keeping the dampness out will help increase the longevity of your rattan furniture, as when it gets wet, the fibers can soften and stretch, making the sofa unsafe to sit on. 

You can apply the tung oil with a soft cloth when you first put the furniture outside. Reapply at the end of the season just before you put the furniture away to ensure it remains dry and maintained. Weather-proofing like this before the furniture is stored away can also protect it from any floods or leaks that could occur. 

Another way to weatherproof your rattan furniture is to clean it regularly. Regular cleaning will protect it from abrasive weather elements and can be done with ease! A bristle brush attachment on a portable or standard vacuum cleaner will remove dust and dirt from the furniture’s surface. 

You can also use a solution of warm water and an oil-based soap to clean the furniture too. Ensure that the soap is suitable for wooden furniture before applying any of it to the rattan furniture.

You can use a cloth to clean the entire surface with the solution before putting the furniture away. Ensure that the furniture is completely dry before putting it away.

You can use one of these methods, although the best approach would be to use a combination to keep your furniture protected from the weather and ensure its longevity.