Can Chickens Eat Too Much Grass?

It is possible for a chicken to eat too much grass, however, it would be very hard for that to happen. Generally, grass is a perfectly safe thing for chickens to consume. Equally, it contains a lot of nutrients that chickens need to obtain their perfect diet.

However, if you keep chickens then you need to ensure that your chickens are not eating any specially treated grass. Grass that has chemicals on it can be fatal if eaten by your chickens. 

Nonetheless, chickens are omnivores with a ravenous hunger, there are few plants that these little flightless birds will not eat. In fact, if you didn’t want a chicken to eat something you would probably be pretty powerless to their vivacious hunger. They will find a way. 

The thing is, chickens can eat as much grass as they want, it is only a danger to their health should they eat grass, and only grass. They are not single stomached like sheep or cows, who get the majority of their diet from grass.

They need a balanced diet that contains both plant and meat. Their diet must be made up of nutritionally balanced poultry feed and then whatever they find lying around. Their diet must be mostly poultry feed. 

Can chickens eat long grass? 

Generally chickens can eat whatever they want, and usually they will. Long or tall grass is a little less appetizing to them, and so they will often not take a peck at long grass. Chickens prefer tall grass, if anything it's a hindrance because it prevents them from going wherever they want to. 

Similarly, long grass can often get dehydrated faster and chickens can only digest grass when it is young and is still a bright green color. Once the color in the grass starts to fade, as can be the case with longer grasses, especially in the summer, they will lose interest. 

Generally, chickens may eat long grass, and it is no real hindrance to their health, however they simply may not want to eat it. It is best to keep your lawn down to a chicken friendly height.

This means that your chickens will still enjoy roaming around, the grass will be a comfortable height for them, and they will also still enjoy pecking away at the grass. In fact, they may trim the grass for you, so if you have enough chickens, forget the lawnmower, they will do it for you. 

Can chickens live on grass alone? 

Chickens love grass, but they cannot live on grass alone, grass does not provide them with the protein and calcium that they need in a balanced diet for any bird.

Especially in free-range birds, they should have a diet that is primarily nutrient balanced poultry feed, and then they can munch on grass between. Grass for chickens is a lot like how we snack when we are bored. It is something that keeps their minds busy and keeps them up and about. 

Chickens may often also eat bugs in the grass, the ground is a good place to scratch and search for a tasty grub here or there, but chickens simply cannot live on grass alone, much like we wouldn’t survive very well if all we ate was lettuce.

When you have chickens you need to think that their diet should mimic a natural birds diet, so corn, grain, beans, seaweed, and possibly the odd bug or two is a good and sustainable diet for a bird living in captivity.

You can easily get large packs of chicken feed that will have all their balanced nutrients in, you should feed them this and then let them munch down on whatever they fancy, you don’t be able to stop them from pecking away at everything, so why try. 

Do chickens eat lawn grubs? 

If you have encountered a grub, you will probably be aware of how insanely annoying they are. They are one of the most common backyard pests that you can get.

So, you will probably be happy to hear that chickens eat grubs, well… if they can find them that is.

Grubs are also very rich in nutrition for chickens, so letting your chickens roam around your yard, if you have a grub problem, not only gets rid of your problem, but it also makes for a lovely tasty snack for your chickens, providing them with nutrients, even if it is a bit gross. 

They may also eat a few other insects as they peck around your yard, but grubs are the worst you can have in your garden, they are a pest feeding the roots of grass and plants. So if grubs are killing your yard, let the chickens loose and watch as the pests… disappear! 

Do chickens like grass clippings?

While you can feed grass to your chickens, it is actually better to just let them graze the grass. Grazing for chickens is like a treat.

Not only do they like to eat grass, but they also enjoy scratching and searching for bugs, letting them do this is enrichment for your chickens. It allows them to have fun and get a snack or two while they do it. 

That being said, chickens do love grass clippings, especially when it is hot, it is also a good way to get rid of any grass clippings if you recently mowed the lawn. They will also enjoy eating freshly clipped grass on your lawn, so it can save on clean up. 

There are, however, a few cons to feeding the grass clippings to your chickens.

First off, grass is seen as a treat, chickens have different nutritional needs at different stages of life, so it may not always be suitable, chickens will naturally pull smaller pieces of grass, if they eat too much it can take to long to properly digest, you have to be aware of pesticides or weed killers and fertilizers on grass, as well as gas and oil contamination from mowing.

Most of all chickens can gorge themselves, so it is best to just let them munch naturally on grass and feed them their natural diet for dinner.