Best Test Pool Kits

If you have a swimming pool in your back garden, then chances are you understand just how wonderful and rewarding it can be, especially if you live in a hot country that is constantly berated by endless amounts of sun.

Not only can you use your swimming pool as a way to escape the oppressive heat, but it can also be a great way to stay fit and healthy, while also providing the perfect location for parties with your friends and family. 

However, this does not mean that owning a pool is everything that it is cracked up to be, as looking after a swimming pool can be a complex and time-consuming process.

Although pools can provide endless hours of joy and entertainment, they also come with the added negative of having to be constantly tested, to help discern the levels of chlorine and pH in the water. 

So if you own a swimming pool and are growing tired of constantly taking water samples back and forth to the lab, then you can always try testing the water by yourself.

But how can you do this? Well, by using a pool testing kit of course! These handy kits come with everything you need to test the water in your pool, helping to make the process both easier and more effective. 

Currently, there are hundreds of test kits available for online purchase, which can make limiting down your choices a difficult task.

That is why we have compiled a selection of the best test pool kits currently on the market. Not only are these kits easy to use but they also promise to deliver accurate results every time. 

We have also put together an informative buyer’s guide to aid you in your search and have answered some frequently asked questions at the end of the article. 


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For our top entry, we have chosen a 5-way pool testing kit by Poolmaster, which can be easily used to test both the chlorine and ph levels in your swimming pool.

Unlike other commercial pool kits, the Poolmaster brand uses chemicals to gather its data, promising chemically accurate readings with every use. 

The test kit supports the chemicals in color-coded water containers, which visually indicate the accurate results.

Thanks to its simple and understandable set-up, the kit can be used and read by most pool owners, although people who are color blind may need to consider a different product. 

The Poolmaster kit comes complete with a polyethene case, which can be used to store away its various components and chemicals.

When used correctly, the kit can last for up to a year and is available at a reasonable price. 


  • Easy To Use: The pool test kit comes with a selection of chemicals and components that make it easy to use and capable of delivering accurate results. 
  • Long Shelf Life: When used correctly, the test kit can last for up to a year, unless your pool requires frequent tests and maintenance. 
  • Reasonable Price: Considering its various components, the test kit can be purchased for a reasonable price.


  • Color-Coded: Unfortunately, the color-coded test kit may not be suitable for people who are color blind. 
  • Limited Resources: It is also possible to excessively use the chemicals and waste them. 


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For our next entry, we have chosen a test kit that is probably best suited for pools with saltwater generators, as it can be used to test the exact amount of salt in the water.

However, this does not mean that it can’t also be used to test other chemicals, as it is also capable of detecting the chlorine and ph levels in your pool. 

The most common problem surrounding saltwater generators is their inability to alert you to the exact amount of salt in your pool, which can make the overall pool maintenance more difficult and stressful.

But with this easy kit, you will be able to measure the salt levels in the water and receive accurate results with every session. 

The test kit comes complete with two bottles of chromate indicator and silver nitrate reagent, which are two harmful chemicals that have to be handled with care and precision.

If you want to ensure a safe and accurate environment, then we recommend closely following the detailed instructions included in the kit. 


  • Ideal For Saltwater Pools: The drop test kit is ideal for saltwater pools and can be used to accurately measure the amount of salt in the pool’s water. 
  • Easy To Use: When you are accustomed to using the kit, the overall process is much easier. 
  • Long Shelf Life: The kit can be used for up to 15 tests unless your pool contains a high amount of salt.


  • Dangerous Chemicals: Unfortunately, the test kit is considered more dangerous than other products on the market. 
  • False Readings: The test kit has been known to deliver false results when not used correctly. 


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If you find the prospect of deciphering colors or reading data to be a little overwhelming, then we completely understand where you are coming from.

Although testing your pool can be difficult, it should not be impossible and our next product ensures to make the process more efficient and understandable. 

Considered one of the most comprehensive water test kits currently on the market, this digital kit by LaMotte is easy to understand and promises accurate results with every session.

This kit also offers a variety of tests for different chemicals, which means you will have everything you need to ensure the maintenance of your swimming pool. 

However, the most important tool in this particular kit is the photometer, which can be used to clearly display the results from the water samples you have taken.

All you have to do is add the sample into the machine and you will be given quick and easy data that is both accurate and visible. 


  • Comprehensive Kit: The LaMotte digital test kit is considered one of the most comprehensive kits on the market and contains a variety of tests for different chemical readings. 
  • Ideal For All People: Because the test kit comes complete with a photometer, it can be used by all people and does not require color charts or strips. 
  • Water-Resistant Case: The test also comes with a water-resistant case, which can help protect the equipment from moisture.


  • Requires Batteries: Unfortunately, the photometer will require batteries to work, which means the test is not always reliable. 
  • Expensive Price: Because of its various innovative features, the price of the kit is known to be very expensive. 


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When it comes to testing the chemical levels in your swimming pool, sometimes simple methods can yield the best results and it doesn’t get much simpler than test strips.

So if you need to test your pool water quickly and efficiently, then these test strips by AquaCheck are probably the solution you’ve been searching for. 

Remaining a popular and trusted product for over 35 years, AquaCheck test strips require no water samples or special equipment.

Just simply dip the test strip directly into your pool, wait a few seconds and then read the resulting data. 

Probably one of the most common ways to test your pool, these strips come sealed inside an airtight container and are known to deliver fairly accurate and effective readings. 


  • Fast And Accurate Results: With these test strips you will be able to obtain fast and accurate results without having to use water samples or special equipment. 
  • Extremely Easy To Use: The test strips are extremely easy to use and only need to be dipped into the pool to obtain accurate data. 
  • Long Shelf Life: You only need to use two strips per test, which means you will not quickly run out of your supply. 


  • Small Readings: Unfortunately, the test strip results can be very small and hard to read. 
  • Color-Coded Charts: To discern the readings on the strips you will have to consult a color-coded chart, which can be confusing if it is your first time using the strips.


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We’ve decided to end our selection of products on a high note, with yet another test kit produced by the Taylor Technologies company.

Known for being a leading manufacturer in the world of pool test equipment, Taylor Technologies have truly outdone themselves with this versatile and innovative kit. 

Capable of testing various chemical levels in your swimming pool, we believe this kit is particularly effective when it comes to testing your pool’s calcium levels, with the kit utilizing a substance called DPD powder to gather fairly accurate results. 

The test kit comes complete with a set of simple and understandable instructions, which should be closely followed to garner efficient and accurate readings.

All chemicals and equipment are contained inside a portable case, which makes them easy to transport and protects them from any residual water or moisture. 


  • Best Calcium Results: Although the test kit is capable of detecting all pool chemicals, it is particularly effective at testing the calcium content in the water. 
  • Useful For Saltwater Pools: The test kit is a highly versatile product that can be used in both freshwater and saltwater swimming pools. 
  • Protective Case: The test kit comes complete with a protective case that is portable and capable of protecting the equipment from moisture.


  • Inaccurate Readings: Unfortunately, the test kit does not yield entirely accurate results when it comes to ph levels and alkalinity. 
  • Expensive For Supplies: The test kit can be purchased at an expensive price, which is not justified by the number of tests you receive. 

Best Test Pool Kits Buying Guide

The notion of buying a pool test kit may sound like a simple task, after all every test kit has been designed for the same purpose.

However, there are some certain elements that should be taken into consideration before purchasing a new test kit. 

Elements that help to ensure that the kit meets your requirements and provides the most accurate results for you and your swimming pool. 

Down below we have outlined some key points that should be kept in mind when it comes to purchasing your new pool test kit.

By consulting these points, we hope you will be able to select a test kit that meets your needs, saving you both time and money. 

Best Test Pool Kits

Types Of Test Kit

Although we have already mentioned the various types of pool test kits available on the market, it is still an important factor to consider when choosing the right kit for your swimming pool’s requirements. 

Currently, there are three types of pool water test kits available, with each one coming with its own unique features and components.

To help you decide which test kit is the best for your needs, we have outlined each type down below, as well as highlighted their various pros and cons. 

Liquid Tests

Unlike other kits on the market, liquid test kits use reagents to test the chemical levels in the pool, which often come inside dropper bottles to make the process more precise and efficient. 

For this particular type of kit, you will need to take a sample of water directly from your swimming pool and then add the necessary amount of reagents to the selected vial. 

Because the methods used in these kits will often vary depending on the brand or chemicals provided, it is always advisable to read the kit’s instructions, so that you can ensure an accurate and beneficial result. 

However, this does not mean that liquid kits don’t come with any negatives, as they can be difficult to use effectively and will often require color-coded equipment that may be rendered useless in the hands of a colour-blind person. 

Pros: Deliver accurate results and are easy to use once you have an understanding of the methods. 

Cons: Can often yield inaccurate results if not used properly and can take a long time to fully complete. 

Strip Tests

Strip tests are probably one of the most popular pool testing methods on the market, as they are fast and easy to use and have been known to yield accurate results. 

Unlike other pool water test kits that are currently available, strip tests do not require any water samples or special equipment.

This is because they can be directly dipped into the pool without any preparation and can be read using the color-coded chart that comes with the kit. 

Although they are often favored among pool owners for their fast and efficient nature, pool strips can be easily contaminated when they come into contact with moisture and human skin. 

The strips will also often feature an expiration date, which means that they will no longer work after they have fully expired. 

Pros: Very simple tests to use and can deliver accurate results when used in the correct manner. They are also faster to use than the average liquid test. 

Cons: Test strips can be easily contaminated by touch or moisture, they also come with an expiration date. 

Digital Tests

Digital pool test kits are considered the most innovative and reliable of the lot, which is definitely saying something. 

Unlike the other pool water test kits we have outlined, these test kits come with an electrical device called a photometer, which can be used to decipher the readings of the water samples for you. 

For this kit, you will follow a similar method to a liquid test, except once the water samples have been taken you can add them to the photometer to get the results. 

These test kits are usually favored by more tech-savvy pool owners or people who have difficulty discerning between the different colors used in the other kits.

The only downside is that they can be very expensive and will come with batteries that need to be replaced. 

Pros: Promise to deliver accurate results that are clear and easy to understand.

Cons: Digital test kits are often very expensive and need to have their batteries changed, which can make them unreliable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Need A Pool Testing Kit?

Although you don’t technically need a pool testing kit, it is highly recommended that you purchase one if you want to maintain the high quality of your pool.

If you do not regularly check the chemical levels in your swimming pool, then you could risk causing harm to yourself and other swimmers, as well as the possibility of producing algae and rendering your pool unusable. 

How Often Should You Test Your Pool Water?

Maintaining the proper water chemistry in your swimming pool can be a slow and difficult process, but that does not mean you should neglect it.

If you want to ensure that your pool is clean and at a decent chemical level, then it is recommended that you test the water’s chlorine and ph levels every two weeks, to ensure that everything is in order.