Should I Plant a Tree in My Backyard?

If you have a backyard, you might have considered the many different ways in which you can decorate it. You might have considered, perhaps, planting a tree. But should you?

Having a tree in your backyard can look absolutely amazing, and it also adds many different benefits, and it adds a bit of nature to your home that will definitely stand out. There are also many different types of trees that you could plant in your backyard, to suit different preferences and needs. 

Whether you should or should not is completely up to you, as opinions can go both ways. All we can do is give you the main pros and cons for each, and then you decide for yourself! Let’s get into it.

Pros of planting a tree in your backyard:

  • Energy costs can be reduced:

Having a tree in your backyard can moderate the temperature throughout the different seasons, therefore reducing the costs related to air conditioning and heating.

This is because, during the winter, the tree can act as a shield, breaking the wind and minimizing drafts. Meanwhile, during the summer, the tree provides shade to minimize sun rays, and it also cools the surrounding air through the evapotranspiration process, which releases moisture.

  • Backyard privacy:

If your backyard tree is big enough with wide enough branches and leaves, it can effectively block out nosy or annoying neighbors from sight. It will essentially provide some privacy to your backyard, and it can also block out noise from the street and surrounding houses so that your backyard is a place of tranquility.

  • Trees are beautiful:

One of the main benefits of having a tree in your backyard is that trees are amazing and can look great! There are many different types of trees, so you can choose one that suits your backyard and tastes. And some trees will have colorful flowers during the Spring which can seriously brighten up your backyard and turn it into a dream-like space.

A tree also offers plenty of decorative options, you could even put fairy lights in the branches to give your backyard a magical vibe!

  • Plenty of shade:

If you like hanging out in your backyard, but you don’t want to deal with having the sun in your eyes, the canopy of a tree can provide plenty of shade. You will no longer need to put up a gazebo or a sun umbrella because the tree will naturally provide shade, as well as cool down the air in the surrounding area.

  • Edible options:

If you choose to plant a fruit tree in your backyard, you can essentially have your own fresh fruit, to be picked straight from the tree and enjoyed. That way the tree isn’t only a decorative addition to your home, it’s also a provider of food!

The favorite option for this is citrus trees, as they are very abundant with their fruit, and they also look really good in backyards. Imagine inviting people over and having them pick out their own fruit before you cut them up and serve them as an appetizer? Definitely a tempting idea.

  • They provide a habitat for wildlife:

Having a tree in your backyard can contribute to providing a habitat for local wildlife, such as birds, insects, and other small animals. This will turn your home into a refuge for wildlife, and if you’re in a city, it’s a way of bringing nature back into sight.

  • Eco-friendly backyard:

Planting a tree in your backyard will instantly lead to some eco-friendly side effects, as you are basically inviting nature into your home. Trees help moderate temperature, combating the extremes of the city, and they also absorb carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen in the process.

  • Increased value to your property:

Believe it or not, planting a tree in your backyard can actually increase the overall value of your property! This is thanks to the inherent benefits that a tree can provide for your home, so it’s something pretty sought after!

Cons of planting a tree in your backyard:

  • Roots will grow:

Trees can become pretty big, not just upwards but also below the ground, where the roots will slowly expand and take up space. If you’re not careful when planting the tree, the roots could disrupt things such as pipelines or even the floor of your backyard, which is why it’s important to allow for plenty of space between the tree and your house.

  • They might attract unwanted insects:

Planting a tree in your backyard invites nature into your home, which for the most part is a good thing. However, it might also attract insects and pests that you really don’t want to have within your home.

  • They take a long time to grow:

Planting a tree in your backyard can be a great idea, but don’t expect to reap the benefits overnight. Trees take a long time to grow, so you better be planning on staying in that house for quite a few years!

How do I plant a tree in my yard?

If you’re going to plant a tree in your yard, there are a few basics you need to cover:

  • Choose the right tree for your yard
  • Get the right gardening tools
  • Make sure you know how to maintain the tree and help it grow

How far away should a tree be from your house?

It’s important to allow for enough space between the tree and your house, in order to keep everything safe. This is because the roots of the tree will grow and expand over time, and could eventually disrupt the structure of the house beneath the ground.

As a general rule, you should allow for around 15 feet of distance between the tree and your house. However, this can depend on the type of tree. Trees that are larger and have bigger root systems will need more space. You also need to check whether the roots of that type of tree are prone to growing more downwards, or more sideways.

Is it rude to plant privacy trees?

Generally speaking, we would not consider planting privacy trees as rude. At the end of the day, you are entitled to put up trees in your backyard, and there are other reasons why you might do so along with adding privacy. It isn’t that different from putting up a fence or a hedge.

However, if you get along with your neighbors, then we recommend talking to them about it, even if it’s just mentioning that you’re planning on planting a tree. That way it won’t catch them by surprise, and there will be no room for offense.

Can my Neighbor stop me from planting trees?

To get an exact answer to whether your neighbor can stop you or not from planting trees, you need to check the exact rules and regulations of your local area.

However, generally speaking, your neighbor doesn’t have a say on what you do or do not do within the boundaries of your property, and that includes planting trees. Even if it might look as though the roots of the tree could expand into your neighbor’s house, they will still have a hard job at trying to stop you, because you are planting them within your designated area.