How To Get Rid Of Frogs In Pool

Your pool should be somewhere where you can relax and cool off when the temperatures begin to soar, however, frogs can be a real nuisance.

They need access to water and moisture to survive and as they aren’t able to differentiate between a pool and a pond, they will often find their way into your swimming pool.

How To Get Rid Of Frogs In Pool

Once they have made their way into your pool, they will experience great difficulties when trying to get back out. 

You will be pleased to know that there are several humane ways that you can get frogs out of your pool and deter them from returning in the future. 

Removing The Frogs From Your Pool

Using a pool or fishnet isn’t the most humane way of removing frogs from your pool. Instead, it is recommended that you use a bucket.

Simply scoop the frogs out of the pool before relocating them to another water source such as a nearby pond.

Once you have removed them you will then need to implement effective methods to stop them from coming back again. 

How To Keep Frogs Out Of Your Pool

Use A Pool Cover

Not only do pool covers help to keep your pool clean and well-maintained but they can also create a barrier that prevents frogs from entering the water.

Some pool owners find covers an inconvenience as they have to be rolled in and out every time the pool is used, however, there are some available that are easy to install and remove as and when required. 

Should you decide to invest in a pool cover, you must ensure that it has a secure fastening and doesn’t present any risks to children or animals. 

Turn Off The Swimming Pool Lights

Pool lights are known to attract bugs and frogs. Whilst your pool may look nice when these lights are on during the night, you may be greeted by some unwanted guests in the morning.

Turning off the lights is also going to save on electricity. 

Frogs will venture out at night in search of their food source which is bugs and bugs are attracted to light.

If there isn’t any light, there aren’t going to be any bugs which ultimately means that there aren’t going to be any frogs. 

If you aren’t likely to remember to switch the lights off manually every night, if possible you may wish to set a timer that will turn them off at a set time automatically. 

Build A Fence

Do you consider yourself to be DIY savvy? If so, why not build a fence for your pool. There are several benefits associated with installing a solid fence.

First and foremost, a fence provides a protective barrier for unsupervised children and animals as it will stop them from falling in but it will also make it difficult for frogs to access your pool. 

You must make sure that you choose the right type of fence. If the fence has openings, frogs will easily be able to hop through.

As such, you should opt for a fence that features a solid component, especially towards the base. Viable options include solid wood, vinyl, glass, or perspex. 

Add A Water Feature

Insects will usually linger around stagnant water, therefore, if the water is continuously flowing, it isn’t going to be as appealing to insects and frogs.

Adding a water feature will make sure that there is a constant flow of water. Fountains and waterfalls are great options and they are aesthetically pleasing too. 

How To Get Rid Of Frogs In Pool

If you do not want to invest in a water feature, you can keep the water flowing by ensuring that your pump is always running.

You may choose to program the functionality of the pump via a timer. This way, it will come on at regular intervals throughout the night and move the water.

It is worth noting that relying on your water pump may not be as effective as installing a water feature.

Cut Your Lawn And Make Sure That Your Garden Is Tidy

An untidy lawn is going to be more appealing to frogs. This is because they like weeds and areas where they can hide during the day when they want to sleep.

Moreover, you should also get rid of any rocks because there is a risk of the frogs hiding beneath them.

Make sure that you keep your lawn deweeded and mow it regularly, especially the areas of gross and vegetation close to the pool. 

Use A Frog Log Or Ramp

As we have mentioned, whilst frogs may find it easy to make their way into your pool, they will find it hard to get back out.

A frog log is a type of ramp that makes it easier for frogs and other small animals to exit from your pool. 

Although installing a frog log or ramp of some kind isn’t going to eradicate the presence of frogs in your pool completely, you will find less in your pool because more are going to be finding their way out.

Furthermore, you will also be confronted with fewer dead frogs which you need to scoop out. 

Keep The Water Heated

Frogs get oxygen through their skin and they access a lot more oxygen in cold water than they do in warm water.

For this reason, warm water is going to be much less inviting to them. You can either install a specific pool water heater or depending on the area where you live, the water may heat itself. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are several ways of getting rid of frogs in your pool and preventing them from returning in the future.

Some methods are easier to implement than others, and you may also find certain ones more effective than others in completely repelling the frogs. 

First, you should make sure that you have the basics covered such as maintaining a clean and tidy lawn and keeping your pool lights turned off throughout the night.